Server Management

Monitoring your Mission Critical Assets

A small business is wholly reliant on its servers. Servers store critical data, handle your organizations e-mails, run your critical business applications and/or manage databases. Healthy servers are key to the success of your business and as such should be monitored and maintained constantly. Our server management support strategies utilize the most advanced tools, 24x7 real-time monitoring and support personnel trained to keep them running securely and at peak performance.

Let the ACG247 support team become your network administrators. Together we will design, build and maintain a server-based infrastructure that is the right fit for your office and budget. ACG247 engineers will guide you through the difficult process of planning your backup and disaster recovery strategy. In the unlikely event of hardware failure, a fire, theft or any unforeseen disasters, your business will be prepared. Your business will continue running and avoid costly downtime.

Securing your network is our priority. Our team will test and install critical security updates and ensure antivirus and spyware programs are up to date and functioning. Network security policies will be established and enforced ensuring your private data remains that way.