Server Backup

Server Backup 

ACG247’s Total Backup Protection Plan is made up of three distinct features that make it the most complete and reliable server data backup option available to your business:

  1. Hassle-free Local Backup that gives you the fastest way to recover files quickly
  • Data backed up as often as every 15 minutes to Network Attached Storage (NAS) units located in your office - never worry about long periods of time between backups again!
  • No unreliable tapes or archaic technology; your data is backed up to redundant hard drives and the cloud - no more management of tape rotations!
  • All data and applications backed up automatically- no need to choose which files to back up or any need to buy costly agents for Exchange, SQL, or file types
  • Full restoration of files fast and easy enough to be done by anyone - restoring a file takes minutes.
  • NAS monitored 24x7 - our team of engineers are constantly watching to make sure your data is being backed up as planned, so you can relax.
  1. Quick Business Continuity Capability allows us to replace your failed server with a fully operational "stand-by server" within hours.

Quick Business Continuity Capability enables the highest possible levels of business continuity in the event of an emergency.

If one of your server crashes, the NAS will be standing by ready to quickly be provisioned to temporarily take over in place of the failed server with all your applications, data, and settings available within hours versus the 1 to 3 days of typical recovery time when using a tape backup system (assuming the data is actually even on the tape and assuming that you have a functional server to restore to!).

  1. Disaster Recovery Capabilityallows us to recreate your entire data history in the event of a true disaster.

Copies of your data can be kept off-site at two secure data centers in the US. This means that a safe copy of your data always exists.  In the event of an emergency that disables or destroys your local back up, offsite copies of your data enable a quick business recovery.

When it's necessary, ACG247's service team can have a replacement server with all of your data shipped to your company next-day air, getting your business back on its feet as fast as possible.

No data backup service is complete without these three features - don’t leave your business exposed to the risks of an incomplete data backup plan!