Desktop Backups

Desktop Backups 

Back up the critical data on your laptop and desktop - on the road or in the office.

ACG247’s Premier Desktop Backup, the original, automatically backs up desktops and laptops as users work and enables the instant retrieval of lost or damaged files.

By having centralized control of PC data, this simple - yet powerful - solution keeps your data safe and always available.

ACG247’s Desktop Backup solution provides:

  • Automatic Backup: Rapid, automatic, and non-intrusive backup of PC data
  • Rapid Recovery: Allows users to easily recover their own data through a secure Web portal or perform a system rollback
  • Data Reduction/Deduplication: Sophisticated SendOnce™, DeltaBlock™ and Connected EmailOptimizer™ technologies reduce storage needs by up to 85%
  • Unmatched Scalability: Manage just a few to tens of thousands of PCs with one centralized tool
  • Secure Storage: Advanced encryption and high-security off-site vaulting protects data always